Volunteer Positions

Tanya Graham, Executive Director
Pat Garrison, Program/Travel/Membership Coordinator
Sharon Howard, Finance Coordinator
James Page and Harold Turner, Maintenance
Mid-Cumberland Meals on Wheels – Dawn Cathey, Nutrition Manager

2016-2017 Board of Directors
Membership Advisory Council (MAC)

The Membership Advisory Council will bring together key members of the organization on a regular basis to discuss the programs & events of the center and to assure that any needs or concerns are addressed. Key members are defined as representatives of the various groups.

1) A representative of various groups will attend a meeting every other month after the board meeting. These spokespersons will be the voice of their groups. Any interested member may volunteer to be a group representative. The Executive Director will assist in recruiting representatives. All paid members may attend the meetings.
2) A member of the MAC will volunteer to serve as the Sunshine Representative.
3) Two members of the MAC, chosen by the MAC, will serve as a Liaison to the Board of Directors. They will attend the council meeting and the board meetings and report on progress of each group.  They may both speak at each meeting and will each have a vote on the Board of Directors. A liaison will volunteer for one year beginning July, 1.
4) There will be no officers of the MAC.
5) The Executive Director is responsible for coordinating, leading and organizing the meetings of the MAC.
6) Minutes should be taken at the MAC meetings and the MAC can appoint a volunteer to take minutes  at the MAC meeting.
MJSAC Leadership
Mt. Juliet Senior Activity Center Center Hours: Need driving directions?
2034 N. Mt. Juliet Rd Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
Mt. Juliet, Tn. 37122 There will be extended hours for Special Events
615.758.9114 Designated Agency 1147 GNRG City of Mt. Juliet Wilson County

Chair: Steven Ford
Vice Chair: Don Golden
Secretary: Linda McCullough
Treasurer: Cathy Wood
Ted Floyd: Member-at-Large
Jacque Benton
Nancy Britt
Pam Barton
Carolyn Christoffersen
Fred Corley
Edna Elam - MAC Liaison
Brenda Farmer
Mayor Ed Hagerty
Chief James Hambrick
Mayor Randall Hutto
Dr. Jennifer McGlothlin
Terri Norris
Mona Tisssue - MAC Liaison
Dr. Gary Wilhoit
Kenny Martin, Honorary Member

Certified Fitness/Wellness Instructor – Deborah Walter
Librarian – Libby McSpadden
Sunshine Chair – Carol Stage
Historian – Fran Shettle
Long Trip Coordinators – Sue and Dr. Gary Wilhoit
Day Trip Coordinators – Barbara and Harry Jester
Kitchen and MAC Secretary – Judy Ferrero
Art – Sally Murphy
Choir – Kathryn McCrary
Drama – Tom Tozer

Receptionist serve as our Ambassadors and Birthday Callers
Mildred Beaty
Glenda Davis
Phyllis Dillard
LeeRoy McGee
Nancy Miller
Jean Palmer
Rachel Petty
Linda Ryan
Jean Ann Ringer
Carol Stage